Eggplant-Squash Parmagian

  • One eggplant diced 1/2- 3/4"
  • One yellow and one green squash, diced
  • Two onions diced small 1/2- 3/4"
  • Four medium diced celery stalks
  • One pound of diced mushrooms
  • One box of corn of lakes crumbs
  • One large jar of tomato sauce
  • Fresh tomatos diced
  • Seasonings: Spike, sweet basil, oregeno, Ms. Dash, Garlic Powder
  • Tofu Cheese; Galaxy Veggie slices or Galaxy Veggie Shreds
  1. Use large casserol Dish
  2. Add 1 Tablespoon oil and coat bottom of dish
  3. Sprinkle layer of corn flake crumbs over oil
  4. Mix eggplant, onions, squash, and mushrooms in seperate bowl
  5. Add layer of mix over corn flake crumbs (approximately one inch high)
  6. Add spices 1/3 of each, corn flake crumbs and layer of tomato sauce
  7. Cover with Tofu cheese and more corn flake crumbs over cheese
  8. Repeat again and again
  9. Cover and bake any where from 30 to 45 mins. at 375 to 400 F
  10. Uncover dish for last 10 minutes