OssaTron: Non-Invasive Treatment for Heel and Foot Injuries

The Future Of Non-Invasive Treatment

The OssaTron is a shock wave generator very similar to the shock wave devices used to treat kidney stones without having surgery. The shock waves are created by a spark plug that is enclosed in a soft plastic dome filled with water. This dome is placed close against the heel so that the shock waves pass through the dome to the heel. This treatment is called "Extracorporeal Shock Wave."

"Extracorporeal" means "outside the body." By using the "OssaTron" device, Shock waves are created by very strong acoustic (sound) energy. Extracorporeal Shock Wave (ESW) treatment has recently been found to be effective for treating chronic proximal planta fasciitis, a condition that causes pain in the heel of the affected foot and is sometimes called "heel spurs."

In the OssaTron clinical study, patients with chronic proximal plantar fascitiis were graded "Success" or "Fail" according to four measurements: 1.) The doctor graded the amount of pain with pressure on the heel; 2.) The patient graded the amount of pain during walking first thing in the morning; 3.) the patient graded the time and distance he or she could walk without pain, and 4.) the patient reported the amount of pain medication he or she needed for heel pain.

In order to use the OssoTron to treat chronic proximal plantar faciitis, Dr. Victor L. Horsley had to complete a specialized training program. He trained under Dr. Jeffrey Johnson at Queeney Towers-Midwest Town Institute at Barnes-Jewish Hospital complex in Saint Louis, Missouri -USA.

The training program not only allowed Dr. Victor L. Horsley to learn how to perform the Extracorporeal Shock Wave treatment, but it also included information about shock wave energy in general, and information from the OssaTron clinical study.

Therefore, Dr. Victor L. Horsley is the best person to talk with if you have any questions or concenns about Extracorporeal Shock Wave treatment for chronic proximal plantar fasciitis with the OssaTron.

Please Contact Dr. Victor L. Horsley for more information about OssaTron, or to make an appointment for an evaluation.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms addressed, we strongly recommend that you seek the advice of your podiatrist for proper diagnosis.

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