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Saturday, November 22, 2014

footDrHorsley provides professional health services for the foot, ankle and related surgeries.

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What is Foot Pain

Foot pain is generally defined by one of three sites of origin:
  • the toes
  • the front of the foot (forefoot)
  • or back of the foot(hind foot)

Toe problems most often occur because of the pressure imposed by ill-fitting shoes. Pain originating in the front of the foot usually involves the metatarsal bones (five long bones that extend from the front of the arch to the bones in the toe) and the sesamoid bones (two small bones imbedded at the top of the first metatarsal bone, which connects to the big toe). Pain originating in the back of the foot can affect parts of the foot extending from the heel, across the sole (known as the plantar) to the ball of the foot.

Common Causes, and Symptoms of Foot Pain
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